More on North Carolina’s coming fight with everybody

Dave Zirin has called for the NBA to relocate the 2017 all-star game, scheduled to be played in Charlotte. Zirin highlights interesting remarks made by Commissioner Adam Silver when, in 2013, Jason Collins became the first active out player in the league’s history:

I have mixed feelings, because I’m enormously proud that the first openly gay player is playing in the NBA. On the other hand, this is so long overdue that I don’t think this should necessarily be on the list of the greatest accomplishments of the NBA. This is an area where no one in sports should be too proud. Sports has led society in so many critical areas.… this is one where we fell behind.

Zirin says Silver has an opportunity to put his money where his mouth is by pulling the 2017 game. This will certainly not be the last call for a sports boycott of the state, as long as North Carolina leaves on the books the most retrograde such law in the country.

Oh, and here’s a piece I wrote in 2013 about some of the malfeasance of the right-wing majority in Raleigh.


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