Walking the Walk

Via Richard Deitsch year-end sports media round-up, this amazing story from a caller into the Paul Finebaum show. Finebaum is a New Yorker who became a media sensation in Alabama hosting the No. 1 sports talk show in the state, before becoming an ESPN personality a couple of years ago.

I’ve never been a regular listener, but Finebaum’s mediated plenty of nuttiness on his show over the years.

And at least one truly beautiful moment – this call from “Jay in Huntsville,” circa 2007 or 2008.

It’s one thing to talk the talk of healing, or racial reconciliation or tolerance or whatever. But is it ever another to walk the walk as this guy has. To slog through a thicket of weeds so deeply rooted it seems impossible to budge, or to see more than six inches in front of you. To take a machete to that, to hack through the unrelenting tangle until your arms are so tired you can barely think. And eventually, without having any idea that it was there, to come to a clearing, to be able to lay to rest that battle with the ground beneath you, with yourself, with the world that made you. The clarity, sense of peace and *accomplishment* on display here is astounding, though to him, I imagine, all he did was live his life with honesty and struggle and acceptance.

I can’t imagine achieving what this guy has.
Anyway, to those of you who so celebrate, Merry Christmas.

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