Two quick notes:

1) Catching up on some ESPN radio clips.

Addressing whether Arod’s exclusion from the all-star team was a snub, Colin said this morning “this is something that you can’t say, but it’s true, not many people like Arod.”

What?! You can’t say that?! Did Colin Cowherd actually try to paint himself as a courageous, non-PC truth teller by stating that Alex Rodriguez – on every list you can find of least popular athletes – is not well thought of?

Holy cow!

Next, Colin cuts through the fog to tell us that which others shrink from – Ebola is bad for you.

2) The Milwaukee Bucks are threatening to leave the city if the city and state don’t pony up a quarter of a billion dollars or more to build a new arena. As usual, Neil DeMause has the goods. There’s one point in DeMause’s recap I wanted to highlight.

When the current Bucks owners bought the team, they negotiated a clause stipulating that if they didn’t get a publicly financed arena, they could sell the franchise to the NBA for $25 million more than the purchase price. In other words, and leaving aside all the other ways in which owners of current major league franchises are more or less guaranteed to make money, this was a largely risk-free transaction. For the umpteenth time, this is worth keeping in mind whenever you hear owners’ defenders saying they deserve to make all the money they do because they assume all the risk and this is how capitalism works – a trade off between risk and reward. For all intents and purposes, there is no such tradeoff for major sports owners.


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