New coalition in support of college athletes’ rights

Yesterday, College Athletes Rights & Empowerment Faculty Coalition (CARE-FC) announced its formation, in press releases and in a longer document outlining its rationale. The website can be found here. So far, there are twenty signatories including co-founders Ellen Staurowsky and Richard Southall, as well as frequent blogger-in-arms Dave Berri, friend and colleague Jay Smith and yours truly.

As described by Inside Higher Education, “the College Athletes Rights & Empowerment Faculty Coalition will partner with players’ unions and other associations fighting for stronger protections for college athletes, educate legislators about the issue, and oppose efforts ‘which seek to allow college sport entities to be ‘reformed’ in ways that do not result in justice and fairness for athletes whose labor generates revenue for their institutions.” Their work will focus on athletes involved in men’s basketball and football.”

The skeptical reference to reform is targeted at legislative efforts currently under discussion in Congress. Those efforts are well-intentioned and advance important protections for athletes. But they also maintain a not-yet-specified ‘limited’ anti-trust exemption for the NCAA that could well amount to an end-run around the increasingly unfavorable legal landscape for the overlords of college athletics.

Of course, there will be much more discussion of these matters in the weeks and months to come.

(The News and Observer’s write-up today includes a quick mention of this blog).



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