Late night ramblings

Two quickies:

1) Dave Zirin mentioned this in his weekly radio show last week – that Marshawn Lynch has done very impressive community work in his hometown of Oakland, one of the most violent and impoverished cities in America. Lynch experienced a childhood characterized by deprivation. And he seems quite committed to trying to ameliorate the circumstances of kids who share that experience.

There’s been plenty written about this (this is a particularly worthwhile profile), but it has received no sustained attention. Not unlike Stephon Marbury in his day, Lynch is known far more for his failure to play by the media’s rules than for the genuinely admirable – and actually consequential – commitments he’s made to help the disadvantaged.

In case you’re wondering – no, I will never get over the warped system of values that drives the way “character” is defined in sportsworld.

2) on a more trivial note, but a little bit amusing given that Colin Cowherd has just called out Dan Patrick for not working hard enough. Short story short: Cowherd had Bill Simmons on his show Tuesday to talk about the Super Bowl. Discussion turned to Jermaine Kearse’s crazy catch and how it compared to the David Tyree catch in 2008. Cowherd declared that was actually quite simply a result of a tall guy (Tyree) going up against a short guy (Rodney Harrison) and coming down with the ball. This was a head-scratcher, since I didn’t remember Tyree being tall at all for a wide receiver. So, I employed this time-consuming technique where I looked up Tyree’s and Harrison’s respective heights. That did take me roughly 45 seconds. It turns out that Harrison, at 6′ 1″, is one inch taller than Tyree.

We all make mistakes, of course. It’s just a funny week for Cowherd to be questioning someone else’s work ethic when his own not-infrequent penchant for half-assed theorizing was on display.


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