It’s Not Complicated


From the serious and sobering of the past couple of days to the merely depressing and pathetic – your 2014-15 New York Knicks.

In 2012-13, the Knicks went 54-28. Their two most productive players and, no, it wasn’t close, were Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd. Kidd retired after that season.

‘Melo was excellent last year and Chandler, though he missed quite a bit of time due to injury, still played at a very high level. But the loss of Kidd and the missed time by Chandler substantially accounted for the team’s drop to 37 wins in 2013-14.

This off-season, The GURU traded Chandler.

Chandler, by the way, is having a MONSTER season so far back in Dallas where he last played in 2011, when the Mavs won the NBA title. Not coincidentally, the Mavs are on pace to have their best season since that championship season. Also not coincidentally, Jason Kidd was on the 2011 team.

Back in Gotham, with newly signed max player Carmelo Anthony playing much closer to his career norm than he did last year, and without Chandler, the team is 4-18. This isn’t because of chemistry, or effort, or Phil’s system or the color scheme of the seating at MSG. It’s because we simply don’t have enough good players to field a competitive team.

This is what happens when you lose excellent players and replace them with inferior players.

Sometimes, it’s not complicated.


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