Rams Protest follow-up – Whitlock nails this one

(I know – my headlines have been *particularly* uncreative lately. My apologies).

Credit where it’s due – I’ve been very pleased by the reaction of some of the biggest voices at ESPN to the protest of the Rams players on Sunday. Mike and Mike were both supportive of it, as was Adam Shefter. And Colin Cowherd had a particularly good commentary yesterday on their “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture noting, as I’ve argued before, that the NFL makes political statements all the time, including in its relentless support for American militarism.

Particularly nice to hear was Jason Whitlock – who often sets himself up as scold-in-chief for the behavior of black athletes and black people more generally. Whitlock told Colin yesterday that he was not at all bothered by the players protest. Instead, Whitlock said, “I’m bothered by the police reaction, the over-reaction because I think they’re making the point. We have become so militarized in this country…we’ve overdosed on law and order. And the police have bought into this that they can’t be questioned. That the Rams players and the people in St. Louis don’t have a right, an American right to question their actions and therefore they must apologize because four or five Rams’ players chose to publicly question their actions. That’s crazy….If you’ve done nothing wrong, why are you squawking…I think the police department and the police union looks absolutely stupid and highlights what potentially is at the root of the problem in Ferguson.”

Well done, Mr. Whitlock.


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