Steroids and such

Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using banned performance-enhancing substances between 2010-2012. This will shock absolutely no one, with the possible exception of Mike Francesa (just a little dig there).

Something that struck me in the above-linked ESPN account of Arod’s admission was the following:

The [Miami] Herald, citing a written “report of investigation,” says Rodriguez told the DEA that he paid Biogenesis doctor Anthony Bosch for testosterone cream, testosterone gummies and HGH injections. According to the report, one such injection took place in the men’s room of a Miami nightclub.

“Rodriguez injected the HGH into his stomach,” the DEA report stated, according to the newspaper. “Rodriguez said Bosch told him the HGH would help with sleep, weight, hair growth, eyesight and muscle recovery.”

Bosch is not a doctor, of course. Maybe he’s a smart guy who’s done a lot of research, but I am fascinated by the degree to which very rich men, like Arod, with extraordinary resources potentially at their disposal, would be so reliant on the word of one guy about what the effects of these drugs are or aren’t. Maybe Bosch is good at telling people what they want to hear. In this case, maybe he sold Arod on the idea that Rodriguez could stem the aging process. Humans have been selling other humans snake oil for a long time, after all.

But the seeming disconnect between the reality of Bosch two-bit operation on the one hand and the extraordinary amount of money and, on the other hand, the risk Rodriguez incurred to buy products that have not been clinically proven to work to any meaningful degree is striking.

Speaking of performance enhancing drugs, Coach K’s comments about Obama’s foreign policy certainly qualify as stupidity on steroids. As has now been widely reported, the hall of fame basketball coach and, by some measures, the single best paid “educator” in the United States told a military gathering a few weeks back that Obama was blowing it in the war against ISIS. Why? Because in ruling out putting boots on the ground – which Krzyzewski also considered an insult to our infantrymen – Obama was tipping his hand. Coach K, by contrast, would never tell the opposing team that he wasn’t playing one of *his* best players. Because that’s something no good coach would ever do.

Of course, whether Christian Laettner or JJ Redick plays in a game won’t result in people, you know, dying. As opposed to the “game” – also known as “war” – Coach K seems to think the President is playing.

By Coach K’s logic, any time we’re in a conflict with someone, I suppose we should *always* threaten to use nuclear and chemical weapons, since failing to do so would, once again, make it easier for the other side to “game plan” against us. Really, what Obama should do is shut down Congress and the media altogether, since those are just “distractions,” and all coaches want to minimize those before a big game.



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  1. I don’t know what it is but I don’t seem to like coaches and more particularly the ones of the college variety. This fatherly, controlling, ” I know what’s good for you but you couldn’t know because you’re a dumb little kid” personalities that coaches have are so unwanted from me. Some players might need that “guidance” but i’m sure that if players were treated like minor leaguers that their agents could guide them better.

    The Rodriguez story makes me think of Jeter and how he could have possibly been a PED user. I have no problem with guys doing it. If I was Rodriguez, as you mentioned, I would have taken all the precautions to make that endeavor.

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