I’m not gonna lie…


…I do get a kick out of the never-ending conversation among football analysts about why Jay Cutler isn’t playing better. I wrote several times last year that Cutler was, quite obviously, a mediocre quarterback. But having nothing to do with his performance on the field, the Bears gave Cutler a massive contract this off-season. The Peter Kings of the world deemed him worth it. Brian Billick picked him to be league MVP in 2014.

Now the Bears are 3-5 and, to seemingly everyone’s shock, Jay Cutler is playing like Jay Cutler. His stats look superficially good this year. His passer rating is 95.8 so far, impressive for a guy who’s never finished above 90 in a full season. But that figure leaves him 13th in the NFL, right in line with how he’s played year after year. Cutler is tied for sixth in interceptions. Combined with his league-leading four lost fumbles, he’s top three in the league in turnovers.  He’s tied for third at being sacked. In other words, when it comes to negative plays – sacks and turnovers – Cutler is especially bad. Cutler is also 22nd in yards per attempt, a more important statistic than completion percentage, in which Cutler has fared well. This is the profile of a middling quarterback.

As Albert Einstein once said about Cutler, the definition of insanity is insisting over and over again that greatness is just around the corner for the Bears’ QB, even as nothing about his performance changes. Or was it Nietzsche who said that?



  1. I could believe that it was, in fact, Albert Einstein’s quote. Only, it would not be the physicist, but the entertainer (and only somewhat hyperbolically, also a genius) whose stage name is Albert Brooks.

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