To-do list

1) When I am fully back on line Monday, I will check in on the Simmons suspension. I haven’t read any other commentary at all as of now. But having listened to the clip, it sure seems like he was – Costanza-like – begging to get in hot water with his employer. Makes me wonder whether he’s got some significant deal brewing with another entity – Yahoo? An independently wealthy so-and-so?  This qualifies, it should be noted, as entirely uninformed speculation. But it’s the first thing I thought of when I heard him go off.

2) The latest report about the inside-the-elevator video is drawing evermore farcical responses from the NFL. Leaving aside for now the question of who at NFL headquarters did and didn’t see the tape, one question seems not to have been asked. Namely – who in the building *asked* for the tape? Is the NFL really going to contend that someone sent the tape to league headquarters unsolicited? That would be a preposterous claim on their part. *Someone* in the building requested a copy and it strains plausibility to claim that it was some low-level flunky.

3) I heard Cowherd say this morning that Jeter *always* came through in the clutch. This is a manifestly silly thing to say. Legends are made, in part, by a selective re-tellng of their deeds. There’s little doubt that Jetes was a particular beneficiary of that aspect of his myth-making. That doesn’t contradict what I said last night – that fans remember moments and Jeter provided a lot of them.


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