All Wet

1) ESPN has apologized for its (among other things) apparently poorly-sourced report on when Michael Sam takes a shower. His teammate Chris Long took to twitter to communicate the appropriate response:



2) Timberwolves’ owner Glen Taylor shared his basketball wisdom with the wider world yesterday. Taylor, whose team hasn’t made the playoffs in more than a decade, opined yesterday on recently traded star Kevin Love. Taylor said Love could struggle in Cleveland. Love, Taylor averred, might have to play more defense in Cleveland, that he’s foul-prone and that he – not LeBron, mind you – would be blamed if the team didn’t do well. Yeah.

By the way, according to data at Box Score Geeks, the average power forward commits five fouls per every 48 minutes. Love has averaged 3.3 fouls per 48 minutes during his career.

If by “foul-prone” Taylor means that Love “sometimes commits fouls,” he is correct. If, on the other hand, he meant to use the term the way everyone else understands it, he’s wrong. Nice to see that Taylor is so well-informed about his players. The Twolves, for those scoring at home, haven’t made the playoffs in a decade.

Love is 25, Taylor is 73 so, naturally, it was left to the 25-year old to act like an adult when asked about Taylor’s comments (at about the 5:30 mark of his interview today with Mike and Mike).


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