There’s something wrong with American culture


Arguably, there’s lots wrong. But what I have in mind at the moment is this: there is a steady stream of corpses and general brutality on American television. Indeed, rivers of blood, much of it spilt in quite gory fashion, suffuses our airwaves.

And yet, and pardon my french here, but we digitize a middle-fucking-finger?! (and of course, there was mass hysteria when we caught the briefest glimpse of Janet Jackson’s nipple).

Seriously, what is wrong with us?

That’s about as much Johnny Manziel commentary as I can muster at the moment.

As much as sports media have given themselves over to the almost non-stop worship of all things football, I get the feeling that even many of them cannot pretend to find compelling what has simply been dreadful, indeed unwatchable, preseason football. So, we end up talking – to repeat myself – about a fucking middle finger.




  1. Yeah censorship in America sucks. Football and especially Manziel gets eyeballs, as it was the most viewed preseason since 2009. People like to cop and watching police brutality is depressing. People don’t like to just be in that emotion and they don’t like to wallow in it for an extended period. Word to Louis C.K.

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