Breaking: teammate says his QB could be MVP this year

An ESPN banner this morning – which lingered for a good long while on screen – hyped Brandon Marshall’s statement that his QB, Jay Cutler, could be MVP this season.

I remain amazed at the perception of Cutler – an eight year veteran who has won exactly one playoff game in his career and whose performance is the very definition of mediocre. And the Bears passing attack last year did notably better when the legendary Josh McCown was at the helm. McCown signed with the Bucs in the off-season, his eighth NFL team. He also made a pit-stop in 2010 with the Hartford Colonials. Oh – you didn’t know they were an NFL team?

The Cutler Cult remains one of the most baffling in pro sports.



  1. Since Cutler isn’t very mobile, he tends to be even more dependent on an offensive line. Even if he had a great offensive, he needs receivers good enough to get open, which is dependent on the defense. His best year was 2008, in which his offensive line was one of the best. The next year in Chicago, that line was one of the best and the best he has had in Chicago so far. Both teams were about average record wise. Football is a team game. While Marshall is talking about Cutler being MVP, he should try to be a better WR because he might be mediocre as well.

  2. To your point, maybe Marshall is trying to show Cutler as much confidence as he can. What puzzles me more than his teammates speaking so highly of him is that analysts do. The guy has a track record, after all.

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