A trip down memory lane

Just came across this item about the Green Bay Packers’ national television revenues for this past season. As a publicly held company, they are required to disclose financials. The other teams are not.

Hold on to your hats – they’re making a boat load of cash.

The revelation that the Packers (and every other team) are rolling in it led me on a trip down memory lane, to the fall of 2010, when a coming lockout loomed over the NFL.

At the time, Peter King wrote at length about the key issues at stake in the then brewing conflict between labor and management. And despite an attempt at even-handedness, he ultimately could not help but subtly side with the owners.

Here was my response to King. Owning a major sports franchise is not like owning a mom-and-pop store. There’s essentially no risk involved these days, particularly in the NFL. Only a river of cash and ever-increasing franchise values.

The NFL, it’s worth noting, will see a large spike in revenues beginning next season when its new TV contracts kick in.

In the meantime, Judge Anita Brody is in the process of giving final approval to the settlement in the concussion lawsuit brought by thousands of retired players against the NFL.


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