For the record…

…I just don’t care what Johnny Manziel does off the field (unless he actually hurts someone). Cowherd just called him an “entitled, immature brat.” Not going to argue, but I don’t care.

Consequently, I am not going to spend time on the media’s coverage of Manziel. It’s already boring. It’s not going to get better.

I imagine it will be good for ESPN’s ratings, though.

While we’re on Cowherd – he’s just used a *really* bad line of argument to defend penalty kicks in soccer. Refuting the complaint that they’re automatic, Cowherd says NFL kickers convert 98% of their PATs, and NBA players hit 75% of their free throws and that these sometimes decide games. Therefore…

Anyone else spot the problem with Cowherd’s logic here?

Let’s say the NBA decided that, at the end of regulation, if the score were still tied, teams would play two overtimes. After that, they’d go to their equivalent of a shootout – players alternating free throws. Or after an OT in football, teams would kick extra points until we had a winner. That would be the relevant parallel.

No one is arguing for removing penalty kicks from soccer. The complaint is about the point in a match at which those are the sole basis for determining an outcome

I don’t think there’s a better way to end what might otherwise be interminable soccer matches. But free throws and PATs are irrelevant to the criticism of the penalty kick format.



  1. I see no problem with interminable. It works for hockey. Maybe add one substitution per overtime period. Eventually someone’s going to score.

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