Larry Brown’s Lament

Let me see whether I can summarize, in one word, all the things Larry Brown believes, as told to Mike and Mike this morning, have made pro basketball so much less than it once was:


There. I did it!

Brown has a great track record as coach. But, man, is that guy is becoming insufferable. And when he’s introduced as someone who believes in doing things the “right way”? Um. Yeah.

Brown had two college coaching stints prior to the current one with SMU. In both cases, his programs were guilty of non-trivial NCAA violations. His UCLA team had to vacate its appearance in the 1980 championship game due to improper benefits to two players that rendered them retroactively ineligible. At Kansas, Brown won the 1988 national championship and left just as the team was being banned from the 1989 tournament because of recruiting violations that took place on his watch (his replacement was Roy Williams).

So, when I hear people talk about Larry Brown doing things the right way, I’ve got one word for them:



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