Hot off the presses!

Richard Southall and I have written a an article on college athletes as company town employees in the current issue of the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics (yes, such a journal exists).

The article is here.

The elements of this metaphor that we elaborate include:

“(a) the degree to which profit athletes’ daily burdens and obligations exceed those of other university employees, (b) the geographic migration patterns of profitathletes, (c) a paternalism that suffuses the Collegiate Model of Athletics, promoting intensive surveillance of players’ conduct, both in the work context itself and during their ‘free time’, (d) in kind compensation (grant in aid) that is akin to scrip, (e) limited athlete representation in college sport governance, (f) college sport participation health risks, and (g) moral and character-based justifications for the Collegiate Model.”




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