Dale Hansen strikes again

Dale Hansen is the remarkable 65-year Dallas-based sportscaster who first gained national prominence earlier this year after he delivered an impassioned commentary about Michael Sam. Among other noteworthy aspects of that broadcast was that Hansen quoted the late Audre Lorde, a renowned lesbian-feminist poet. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, that was the first time in human history that a sportscaster had cited Lorde or any other lesbian feminist poet (OK, I made up the Guinness Book part).

Hansen had more to say after the completion of the NFL draft this past weekend. He expressed skepticism that there were really 248 players who were better than the co-SEC player of the year. He’s also ticked off that, having worked with gay men for forty years, none has ever hit on him even though, Hansen noted, he was quite the looker when he was younger. The best moment came when he took a shot at Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. Hansen quoted Jones as saying that the Cowboys didn’t draft Sam because he is a tweener (a judgment widely shared by NFL scouts). Hansen then commented: The NFl landscape is littered with great college players who couldn’t make it in the NFL. Michael Sam might be another one. And who would know better when it comes to drafting college players than Jerry Jones.”

This guy is priceless.


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