Today is graduation day at UNC. It’s always a gratifying day to be a part of. We’ve got lots of wonderful young women and men who will go off into the world and do great things.

As of tomorrow, I will resume more steady blogging. It’s just been a busy, disrupted week.

Everyone is weighing on Michael Sam today. I appreciated how Mike Lupica put it this morning:

We all get a little better and a little smarter and a little more tolerant on this subject one step at a time. Jason Collins, an openly gay NBA player, finally gets a job with the Brooklyn Nets. Michael Sam, a very good college football player at Missouri, gets his chance at a job in the NFL.

Whether Sam is still on the roster when the Rams take the field in Week One remains to be seen. There’s every reason to be confident, though, that he’ll get a fair shot. Humans love each other not according to preconceived categories, but because of what they feel. Big time men’s athletics has come around to that simple truth slowly and painfully. But Sam’s reaction to the phone call informing him he’d been drafted and the overwhelmingly positive response to it from the sports world shows how that simple truth is becoming increasingly easy to accept and celebrate.

We needn’t kid ourselves that entities like the NFL and ESPN are ignoring business considerations in their new embrace of “diversity,” as Jeff Fisher put it yesterday. That doesn’t change the fact that yesterday was a good day.


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