The Real McCoy

Bomani Jones, in an impassioned soliloquy, explains why it makes him so mad that we’re only discussing Donald Sterling’s racism because of the audio of his retrograde views. Much worse than that crap, Jones argues, is the history of housing discrimination in the United States, which has been an important cause of the carnage that has afflicted black neighborhoods. Donald Sterling (and his wife) have perpetuated and profited by discriminatory housing practices. And those are the kinds of practices that lead, Jones argued, directly to people’s deaths.

An excerpt:

“This here is fun to talk about, but this is nothing. The real stuff that happened was *that* (the housing discrimination and the policies that have allowed isolated neighborhoods to become “war zones”). So, when all these guys get up here and stand on their soapbox and wag their fingers and start talking about ‘oh we won’t tolerate this racism, we won’t tolerate what Donald Sterling said,’ what they’re not tolerating about Donald Sterling is the fact that what he said was impolite and what he said was gauche. That’s what their problem was. But when Donald Sterling was out here toying with people’s lives, with things that really mattered, matters of life and death, the media, the NBA, these sponsors and all these people now who want to get patted on the back for what good people they are, they didn’t say a mumbling word.”


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