Some Sterling links

I plan to write more later, but three worthwhile pieces on Sterling that bring attention to Sterling’s bad acts and why he’s gotten a relatively free pass for so long.

1) Kevin Blackistone on Sterling’s history as a racist slumlord:

It was an overdue reckoning this weekend when so many voices started calling for the NBA to sanction or oust Donald Sterling. Ironically, he was only able to become one of the league’s owners due to the wealth he amassed – wealth amassed in part by refusing to lease land to people who look like most of the players in the NBA. As such, he should’ve been treated like a pariah years ago. But he wasn’t rebuked, or worse, way back when – and that should be the biggest outrage of all.

2) Peter Dreier on why the NAACP *was* planning to honor Sterling before this recent development, despite his well-known history:

The NAACP’s love affair with Sterling apparently knew no limits. The group had already given Sterling its Presidents Award in 2008, according to Sterling’s own website, which is primarily devoted to a long list of the many honors bestowed on him by various charitable groups to which he’s contributed.

3) Andres Alvarez, at Box Score Geeks, about some of the NBA’s other problems with Sterling and race:

…don’t forget that David Stern, the NBA’s previous commissioner, added a dress code to the NBA. He wanted to remove the “thug image” some have associated with the NBA. He wasn’t as overt as Donald Sterling, but under Stern, the message of ‘we don’t want to see that kind at our games’ was put out as league-wide NBA policy. Sterling’s actions are just another blip on a long line of issues the NBA has had with race.



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