John Calipari just told Mike Greenberg that if you allowed basketball players to go straight to the NBA, they would start blowing off their classes in high school, and you’d have “thousands” in that position.

Yeah, thousands. Or maybe five or six or so a year. Same dif…

Can we have a remotely honest and grounded discussion about these issues?

Update: Coach Cal is making a big push to re-brand “one and done.” Henceforth, he wants everyone to use the phrase “succeed and proceed,” which sounds like a fancy way of saying “guys will leave school when they think they’re ready.” He can blather all he likes about an education, but forcing all athletes to stay in school for an extra year, as he now says he endorses, is not about an education at all. It’s about helping coaches more predictably manage personnel decision, i.e. recruiting. I appreciate his push to ensure that parents of less well-off kids could be flown to tournament games and such, but extending the age limit by a year is not in the interests of the athletes. It’s sole serious purpose is to extend further control over the players. No one should be fooled by this, even if Coach Cal sounds deadly earnest. At least the NBA folks pushing to increase the age minimum aren’t pretending they are acting in the interests of the players.


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