Odds and Ends

Two quickies:

1) forgive me – I only caught the tail end of it, but Greenie was expressing something close to amazement this morning while reading from an article discussing analytics in baseball. Specifically, he was wowed by an analysis of optimal lineups that suggested that it made most sense to scrap the traditional lineup for one that maximized plate appearances at the top for a team’s best hitters. For example, if Miguel Cabrera is your best hitter, don’t bat him clean up just because that’s a traditional power spot in the lineup. Doing so will cost him about 18 plate appearances over a full season relative to batting third, and 36 relative to the second spot in the order.

Greenie used this piece as a jumping off point to say that every pro team is using this kind of analysis now, which is fair enough. As it happens, though, the specific discussion of lineup optimization, which Greenie had clearly never heard of before, has been part of the discussion for a good decade or more now. Clearly, being part of the highest profile sports radio program in the United States does not require being informed about this kind of stuff.

2) The NCAA’s talking points about how to respond to the challenge of unionization has surfaced and is getting lots of attention.

I responded to some of those on Twitter yesterday, so you can check that out here.

Happy Passover to all who are celebrating/observing.


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