Pay day

Coaches whose teams made the final four did very well for themselves this year.

According to Deadspin, Aaron Harrison’s game winning shot was worth a $150,000 bonus for Coach Cal (Forbes says he got $175,000 for the win). Coach Cal’s already very-well paid staff also did very nicely – three assistants who each make between $275,000 and $350,000 plus per season – raked in bonuses of between $45,000 and $60,000. Forbes reports that if the Wildcats win the whole shebang, Calipari rakes in another $375K. Not bad for a guy who admits he’s just a weigh station for players who should be going straight to the NBA. I trust no one will pretend that the mission in Lexington is “education first.”

Other final four coaches have had a remunerative couple of weeks, too. Billy Donovan made an extra $200,000 for Florida’s run so far and Bo Ryan’s Badgers netted him 150K. Not bad for an “amateur” and “non-profit” enterprise.


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