Great Moments in Sports Punditry

Mike Greenberg this morning *insisted* that Jabari Parker cannot possibly be ready to star at the next level because – wait for it – he had a bad game last Friday in Mercer’s stunning upset win over Duke. Instead, Greenie cautioned, Parker might be ready to play a big role in the NBA only in four or five years. Again, based on the fact that he played a bad game last Friday.

This is precisely the kind of historical perspective and context that we crave from our highest profile commentators.

It was left to Golic to speak some common sense, dismissing Greenie’s worries as “ridiculous.”

By this logic, I suppose Quinn Cook, who shot out of his mind last Friday in Duke’s loss (did I mention that Duke lost to Lehi…I mean, Mercer), is ready to be a star at the next level.

In fairness, Mike Greenberg is typically better than this.


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