The NBA’s age rule

I am running to catch a bus, so need to keep this very brief for now, though I will come back to it. Adam Silver, the new NBA Commissioner was on with Mike and Mike this morning to discuss various matters. The NBA would like to increase the NBA age minimum to 20, effectively requiring players to be two years out of high school before they are eligible for the NBA draft. I disagree with the current minimum, so certainly oppose an increase. It is true that the increase would be good for the colleges for what I think are obvious reasons, and the owners like the idea because they’re all for being protected from their own incompetence.

But whenever I hear proponents of increased age limits tout the benefits to the players themselves – to give them time to mature, etc., I always have to ask – why is the age limit for the D-league, which is under the control of the NBA, 18 years of age? I understand that the owners are nervous about making mistakes with 18 year olds and 19 year olds, but in terms of the benefit to the players of being barred from the NBA but not from a podunk league that pays little and includes presumably inferior coaching, what is the logic here?

More on this soon.


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