Raising Arizona


As was widely predicted, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona did veto SB 1062, the bill touted by supporters as intended to protect “religious freedom” and by opponents as a bald-faced attempt to promote discrimination against gays.

In the New York Times today, Gail Collins pithily observed:

Maybe we have reached a critical historical juncture. Struggles for human rights always begin with brave men and women who stand up, isolated, against the forces of oppression. But, in the United States, victory really arrives on the glorious day when the people with money decide discrimination is bad for business.

Surprisingly, Collins never mentioned the NFL, but there can be little doubt that the league’s clear threat to pull next year’s Super Bowl if the bill had become law had an impact in this case.

Score one for the NFL. Alternatively, boycott the league if you think it did a horrible thing. That is your right.



  1. The fact that the NFL probably had everything to do with the result makes the ruling entirely pointless and removes any impact it may have had. Whichever side a person is on, this whole thing was a waste of time. (Because of the corruption, not because of the issue.)

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