ESPN and climate denialism

I missed this when it happened, but a week ago, during an ESPN broadcast of a Tennessee-LSU game, color commentator went there, with play by play man Brad Nessler chuckling along.

From Daily Kos:

During the first half of a January 7 game, Dykes discussed a pattern of cold weather blanketing much of the United States and said he had observed a national television debate earlier over “whether or not global warming was still taking place.” While laughing Dykes said, “I listened to about 30 seconds of it, but the guy saying no it has not, I think he won the debate.” Nessler laughed in response.

It was hard to tell whether Nessler was just playing along. But looking at Dykes’ twitter feed, it’s clear he was deadly serious. Dykes told one interlocutor: “God is control of our climate. He does not make mistakes. Plus it’s 3 degrees where I stand right now.”

Leaving aside the religious stuff, it’s always heartening to see your “experts” and “analysts” sport the kind of statistical literacy Dykes is demonstrating. I am sure he would agree that, if on a given night, Brandon Jennings outscored Kevin Durant in a game, that would prove that Jennings was the better player. Trends over time, after all, are obviously meaningless. All that matters is what happened last week.

Shoot me.

Update: Interesting note from Travis Waldron, that the four major North American sports leagues, plus the USOC, testified in November on Capitol Hill about the ways in which climate change is adversely affecting their businesses.


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