A little more on Winston

A friend passed along this compelling piece at Deadspin by Julie Dicaro, an attorney who described what she went through in college, when she says she was raped. Dicaro’s account isn’t the last word on the matter, of course. And more to the point – the matter is closed. But it’s an important perspective on why many women might not come forward in circumstances that they commonly find themselves in – an encounter with a man that might have begun consensually but didn’t end that way.

Some of the comment threads, including those that take strong issue with Dicaro’s characterization of the evidence in the Winston case, are interesting.

In this connection, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher was on with Mike and Mike this morning. Most of the talk was about the team’s season, the national championship game and the Heisman trophy. In this setting and in the immediate aftermath of the decision last week not to pursue charges against Winston, it was inevitable that the hosts would ask Fisher something about the case. But I find these exchanges uniquely unedifying – the coach becomes indistinguishable from the player’s defense attorney and no meaningful insight is gained. As I said, I know there’s really no way the hosts can avoid asking about the matter. But it still feels like little more than a propaganda exercise to me. By the way, I don’t say that to imply that Fisher is lying. At all. It’s just that there is no possibility that he’s going to say anything other than that his player is of the highest character, of course he’s innocent and so on.

On a much less important note, it’s for that reason that there is really no value at all in asking a coach whether a player of his – in contention for some major award – is deserving of it. There is no possibility, in those circumstances, that we the audience will glean any insight at all about the player’s performance. Of course the coach is going to pimp for his player. Again, I know the existing rules of sports journalism mandate some comment from the coach in such circumstances. But the resulting answer constitutes the deadest of dead air.


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