Ditka earns his keep

I am just listening to some audio of Ditka’s weekly segment this morning on Mike and Mike. I know Ditka is an icon, but I’ve never really gotten what he brings to the table, analysis-wise.

And perhaps now I know why. Golic just asked Ditka whether he thought the Patriots were the only real competition for the Broncos in the AFC. And Ditka prefaced his comments by saying, “I don’t follow it that carefully…” OK, then. He’s a paid NFL analyst for ESPN, is all over the network and, apparently, can’t be bothered to follow carefully the, um, NFL. OK, maybe Ditka just meant that he doesn’t follow the AFC that closely. But since that’s kind of an important part of the NFL, that seems like a significant omission.

It bears recalling that Ditka once traded his entire draft for Ricky Williams, allowing the Saints then-head coach to knock off work early for the day.

Nice work if you can get it.


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