Amazon and Amnesia

Blogging was slowed last week while family was in town for the holidays.

Not a sports story, I realize, but since I complained in August about a discussion of Amazon on the BS report that failed to note the really bad working conditions at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, I wanted to note a Sixty Minutes report last night that did the same. Last night’s segment has gotten a lot of pub today because Jeff Bezos said that his company was working on a delivery drone that would bring goods to consumers’ homes in half an hour. Charlie Rose, who hosted the segment, pointed out that Bezos is worth more than $25 billion. In fact, the fifteen minute piece was more or less corporate propaganda, fawning over Bezos’ rise and his company’s success while offering not a discouraging word about what might be problematic about its operations. If Bezos wanted to take out a paid advertisement for Amazon, I don’t think he could have done better than last night.

This is an especially problematic omission given recent reports from the United Kingdom about the strain facing Amazon workers. But it’s also not a new development.

Maybe Sixty Minutes is going for the light touch after one high profile recent foray into hard-hitting investigative reporting kind of worked out poorly.

Back to ESPN blogging forthwith.


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