On Bob Costas

My home laptop crashed Saturday night, which has severely limited my computer access and blogging ability. I am hoping the issue is resolved in the next 24 hours.

But I am not going anywhere.

I posted an article today at Huffington about Bob Costas’ comments Sunday night. Well, not really so much about his comments as about the notion that he “politicized” an otherwise apolitical venue. I take issue with that premise here.

Just a quickie side note. Lots of chatter today about Yasiel Puig. Mike and Mike had it right this morning. Don’t stand at home plate unless you know you’ve hit the ball into the parking lot. But as for his exuberant reaction once he made it safely to third with a triple – if you’re complaining about that, you really need to get a life. Baseball could use more of that excitement, not less.

Cowherd, though, had a bizarre take in support of Puig. He essentially chalked it up to the fact that Puig comes from a Communist dictatorship. By contrast, we live in a country where we question authority, question our leaders and have a national anthem that is optimistic and “regal.” I am really not making this up. Our national anthem reminds Cowherd of celebrations of kings and queens  – this is what regal means – and we like to stick it to authority. And that is somehow supposed to explain Puig, or baseball’s stuffiness, or something.

If someone wants to explain what I am missing here, I am all ears.


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