2004 vs. 2013 Red Sox

Just now on Mike and Mike, researcher Kristen Balboni, was asked how the current team compares to the 2004 or 2007 Red Sox. She said she thought the current squad was like the 2004 team, maybe because of the scruffy look or because of “no big names.”

Um, Pedro, Schilling, Manny, Ortiz?

(if you want to stretch and say Ortiz became a household name because of the 2004 postseason, you can, but for the rest -no).

Try again.

My buddy DK, a diehard Red Sox fan, says this team reminds him of the late 90s Yankees, where every at bat is a grind. I agree.

A quick comment for now on all the chatter about Jadaveon Clowney – I am not surprised by the scolds who are hectoring Clowney about his comportment. More heartening is the number of folks on ESPN who have gone to the heart of the matter, including Mike Greenberg, Dan LeBatard (who is usually spot on) and Skip Bayless (!). The key point: Clowney should have been able to play in the NFL by now, but isn’t due to the NFL’s unjustifiable ban on players who have not yet been out of high school for three years.



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