Thanks to JS, who pointed out this comprehensive discussion of All Players’ United (APU) by Patrick Hruby, the incipient group of NCAA athletes trying to bring attention to some of the ways in which the NCAA is failing to meet its responsibilities to them. The piece is long and comprehensive, but this piece of it especially stood out:

More recently, a Division III football player named Rickey Hamilton Jr. emailed NCAA health and safety director David Klossner, concerned about brain trauma and the fact that his team had played without an athletic trainer at practices and most of its games for two seasons. What, he asked, can we do about this? Klossner wrote back, noting that the association doesn’t have any rules about trainers and bears no responsibility nor potential legal liability for athlete health. Helpfully, Klosser also included a link to a concussion awareness video. Which is more than the NCAA specifically mandates.

Their concern is so touching, isn’t it? Hruby’s account of the NCAA’s Pontius Pilate moment concerning players’ health reminded me of the University of Louisville’s (short-lived) idea this spring to cash in on Kevin Ware’s horrific injury during the NCAA tournament.

There appears genuinely to be no shame.



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