Bill Polian’s parentheses are better than most people’s sentences


That’s certainly true among his peers in the sports commentariat. Yesterday, the former six-time NFL executive of the year broke down for Mike and Mike the Trent Richardson trade. As he was explaining the Colts’ desire for a power running game, Polian offered as an aside that whether you want to take that approach when you have a guaranteed 11 games a season in weather-controlled domes is a separate question.

That’s actual insight into a factor to consider when you are constructing a roster and a far cry from the usual pabulum about how teams acquire a particular player because of his talent (duh) or toughness or aggressiveness or whatever. We know teams want good players. We know they want to make strengths out of weaknesses. We know they want players to play hard. What we don’t necessarily know are how teams evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses given their specific circumstances and how their personnel decisions flow from those evaluations. Good analysts like Polian help us understand that.

(I should note that I am a Polian fan. I wrote a paean to his greatness after the Colts won SB XLI. You can scroll down to item#4 if you’re interested).


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