Watching NBC’s pre-game coverage of the NFL season opener. Tony Dungy sat down for an interview with Joe Flacco. Commenting on it afterwards, Dungy said that he had been picking the Broncos to win tonight’s game, but after speaking with Flacco, was changing his pcik to the Ravens because Flacco “is the real deal.” I always find it funny/striking how much media folks think they can glean from a conversation with someone. The issue of access and how it helps and hinders journalists is, of course, a sprawling topic. But really, what did Dungy think he learned from a pretty boilerplate conversation with Flacco that he didn’t already know? This is Flacco’s sixth year in the league and he’s won a Super Bowl – what’s the fresh insight Dungy gained tonight? And if Flacco is the real deal, does that mean Dungy is going to pick him to win every game?

I like Dungy. But this kind of stuff always makes me scratch my head.


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