I am going to try to avoid dwelling too much on Arod, but it’s a peril of covering the media that you end up following their lead to some degree and their lead, at the moment, is Rodriguez. Alex is painful to listen to – he always sounds disingenuous, he seems to be alone in the world, and he’s become essentially universally reviled. And there’s no reason to believe anything he says about his current travails. I’ve never been that excited about piling on those that everyone else is piling on to, even when that person is super rich or otherwise unsympathetic. Something about it feels too easy and it brings out the worst in our species when we start engaging in a feeding frenzy at the expense of people who really have no one to defend them (except their attorneys). Of course, if Rodriguez had done something heinous – like inflicting great bodily harm on defenseless individuals, that’d be another matter. But I am just not able to get myself that worked up about PED use. Users should be punished according to the rules laid out by whatever sporting enterprise they play in. And as I have said before, it is obviously a benefit to Yankee fans for Arod to experience a long suspension, given the salary implications and the team’s stated desire to get under the $189 million payroll threshold in 2014.

Beyond that, the two minutes hate directed toward Arod is a bit too much for me.

Update: Jeff Pearlman, whom I generally like, provides a good illustration of the silliness of some of this anti-Arod stuff, Pearlman is not necessarily at his most clear-minded when it comes to PEDs. That’s fine, of course. But to make Ryan Dempster a hero for the supposed “stand” he took last night – when he threw at Arod four times, finally plunking him – on behalf of all the “clean” players out there by reference to the personal travails of journeyman catcher Sal Fasano and universal health insurance? Yeah. As some of Pearlman’s commenters noted, has Dempster shunned David Ortiz, or any other teammates, past or present, associated with PED use? And if he’s so brave and bold, why did he refuse to admit what he did after the game? Like I said, all a bit too much.


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